Hilary Ord is an accredited Resolution Institute Mediator and holds an Executive Diploma in Mediation and a Certificate of Proficiency in Employment Law, but her qualifications extend further than that.

Hilary is the calm voice in a tense situation and specialises in dispute mediation and advocate services. She takes your problems and finds solutions by facilitating difficult conversations to discover options for everyone involved. She is the light at the end of the tunnel, taking the headache out of any dispute.

As a mediator, Hilary’s role is to remain impartial, with all meetings being strictly confidential. As an advocate she is sitting firmly on your side of the table, fighting on your behalf.

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Hilary has been resolving conflicts and tense situations her whole career. Before being a mediator, Hilary held corporate roles within senior leadership teams and operations management. Her career in hospitality has provided experience in all aspects of human resources, including training and development, recruitment and dispute resolution.

Hospitality is a high-pressure industry, demanding and often stressful, so a calm and confident voice is highly sought after. This empathy and an intuitive understanding on how to communicate with diverse groups has proved a fantastic groundwork for the role of a mediator.

Hilary operated her own businesses for fifteen years, so is very aware of the pressures that business owners face and the challenges of employees. Her skill lies in being able to empathise with both sides of the table.

On top of that, Hilary is also a registered marriage and funeral celebrant, both emotionally charged situations where she has refined skills to manage people and have direct conversations that are difficult.