Hilary Ord is an accredited Resolution Institute Mediator and holds an Executive Diploma in Mediation and a Certificate of Proficiency in Employment Law, but her qualifications extend further than that.

Hilary is the calm voice in a tense situation and specialises in dispute mediation and advocate services. She takes your problems and finds solutions by facilitating difficult conversations to discover options for everyone involved. She is the light at the end of the tunnel, taking the headache out of any dispute.

As a mediator, Hilary’s role is to remain impartial, with all meetings being strictly confidential. As an advocate she is sitting firmly on your side of the table, fighting on your behalf.

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Hilary has been resolving conflicts and tense situations her whole career. Before being a mediator, Hilary held corporate roles within senior leadership teams and operations management. Her career in hospitality has provided experience in all aspects of human resources, including training and development, recruitment and dispute resolution.

Hospitality is a high-pressure industry, demanding and often stressful, so a calm and confident voice is highly sought after. This empathy and an intuitive understanding on how to communicate with diverse groups has proved a fantastic groundwork for the role of a mediator.

Hilary operated her own businesses for fifteen years, so is very aware of the pressures that business owners face and the challenges of employees. Her skill lies in being able to empathise with both sides of the table.

On top of that, Hilary is also a registered marriage and funeral celebrant, both emotionally charged situations where she has refined skills to manage people and have direct conversations that are difficult.



Mediation for Creative
& Performing Arts

Creative work is often a collaborative process, and when grievances are not addressed to each person or group’s satisfaction, there is a risk of upsetting important relationships.

Creative people often share a common goal; to have work viewed, heard, read, or performed for audiences. A harmonious reliance on one another is crucial but not always possible. When disputes are left unresolved or are poorly managed, dissatisfactions fester and we have all the makings of a Greek tragedy.

Not addressing grievances straight away can impact on the health and well-being of individuals, as well as affecting their professional relationships and personal connections. The victim of this strife is not only the project you’re working on but also future projects down the road.

Confidential mediation can nip these grievances in the bud and can be key to the preservation of relationships and offer everyone involved a way forward. Help is a phone call away.
Hilary saw there was a crying need in the arts community for a specialist mediator. Someone who could provide a mediation and dispute resolution service for those who work or volunteer in the creative and performing arts, film, tv, and music industries.

With experience from working in theatre and having many personal connections to this sector, alongside the arts in general, Hilary understands the unique dynamics and needs of the creative community.

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“I have had the pleasure and honour of late to have had the remarkable mediation services of this great human Hilary Ord. Hilary allowed me, in my time of error made through haste and loss, a space of softness to gently flesh out core truths and healing desires. Her lived patience and loving respect for both of us senior practitioners returned back to us our shared mana and aroha for each other.”  

– I. Ioane



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If you are a small to medium size business without the benefit of an external or internal Human Resource Department, then you may wish to seek advice when an issue, grievance or conflict has been raised.

Delaying or ignoring issues with staff can lead to low performance, unhappy workplaces, loss of staff and potential legal action. A cost that your business could do without.

With low unemployment, employees have plenty of choice in where they choose to work. A workplace that has a positive response and a clear process to deal with grievances early on, will have a healthier workplace culture. This leads to greater workplace satisfaction, productivity and retention. A good outcome and good business.
The mediation can take place at your workplace, neutral space, or in an online meeting room such as Zoom.

Hilary works with either employers or employees in dispute. She will explore the issues that have been raised, so that an opportunity can be given to participants to find a satisfactory resolution before a serious grievance is raised with lawyers or advocates.

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“During the level four lockdown, we were faced with an incredibly challenging employment issue. Hilary was warm, genuine and meticulous in her work, ensuring we were looked after, all the way through the process.”

–  R. Singh



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Employment Advocacy

If a dispute arises between an employer or employee which cannot be settled between them, Employment Mediation Services within the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) provides a free mediation service. A MBIE appointed mediator will then guide participants through the mediation process.

Lawyers are not required to assist in this mediation, however employers, or employees may choose to have an advocate represent them if self-representation is not an option. Power dynamics or legal costs may influence the decision to self-represent.
When dealing with employment issues, either as an employee or employer, Hilary can take your side as an advocate if her engagement is required to resolve such matters as disputes over disciplinary procedures, termination of employment or other claims that have led to the breakdown of the employment relationship.

She can also advise on claims of breaches of the Employment Relations Act, for example: bullying; harassment; redundancy process and dismissal.

At mediation, Hilary will advocate directly on your behalf throughout the process, through negotiations to settlement. Agreements that are reached in mediation are legally binding and can take place on Zoom or in a MBIE mediation room.

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“Recently I've had to employ Hilary's services. It was a sticky resignation. Hilary's incredibly professional approach shone a light of honesty. She managed my situation on two levels – as my written liaison between myself and the employer, and as a face-to-face Skype mediator between the employer and I. Both of the scenarios came out favorably and fairly for me and the employer. Hilary's calm, firm but fair attitude gave both parties a better off understanding – a true gift.”

–  B. H. Crowther



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